Here are some examples of work completed entirely at Blackdown studio.

Greyish Quartet

Greyish Quartet are a four-piece contemporary jazz band led by Dave Grey. They came to Blackdown to record a full album. All the tracks were recorded “live” making use of our acoustic screens to provide separation between the drums, upright bass, piano and horns. The Quartet drafted in UK jazz ¬†legend Soweto Kinch¬†as a featured artist on some tracks.

Dave had this to say about Blackdown Studio:

Working at Blackdown was a pleasure. Matt & Leo’s combined knowledge and experience not only added to the efficiency of the whole project but also to the flexibility of creative process.

The equipment and the studio set-up is great. They had the right mic for every job, and different solutions to any potential problems that might arise. Their real forte, however, lies in the post-recording phase.

Matt & Leo have a wonderfully musical and sympathetic ear when it comes to the mix aspect of a session. It was extremely important for me that the overall sonic quality, and character of the music was preserved. That said, I didn’t even need to ask. As a composer and a band leader, one the biggest challenges is recording your own music in such a way that it is still your own once you take it away from the studio. At Blackdown this is something you need not worry about.


Thelone Man (Blackdown’s in-house electronic producers) were also commissioned by Dave to provide a remix of one of his tracks for up-and-coming New York rapper Why G. Elements from the various instruments were chopped up and re-arranged into a completely new format before the track was sent to New York where Why G added his vocals. The final mixdown was completed at Blackdown.

Kel Elliott

Track from Kel Elliott‘s 2012 Album ‘Lies and Hoes’. Recorded and mixed at Blackdown Studio, and produced by Leo Steeds. The album is broadly jazz/swing-based but within that is nicely varied and features many different styles, musicians, and instruments. ‘Do-B-Do’ is a short uptempo gypsy-style number (with a heavy back-beat!) and features some great swinging horn and vocal harmony arrangements.

Noke Lick Masheen

Noke are a Leamington based soul/funk band fronted by Shanade Morrow. They recorded a 5 track EP here, and said about Blackdown:

We loved the place! Right out of the city stress. We had a great time recording and mixing and ended up with the sound we wanted for our EP. We highly recommend Blackdown Studio.

Thelone Man

Thelone Man is a new project started recently with an emphasis on electronica utilising some acoustic elements also. The band made extensive use of Blackdown’s collection of vintage synths, including a legendary Moog Model D, a Moog Voyager and a Roland analog VP-330 Vocoder (see the gear page for a full list of our synths). This is a sample of “May Day” and another of “Skin”.